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Spreading the Love!

I've gotton a lot of people into anime. Right now I'm letting my boyfriend borrow my dvd sets (Slayer's, Magic Knight Rayearth, Trigun). Sometymes I hate trying to get guys into anime, they usually like only the action-packed things like Trigun and Gundam Wing. Last Exile was on tv last week, I finally got to watch it for the first tyme. I really liked it. I wish they would make another series of Outlaw Star sometyme soon...

~Dee d.~
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Last Exile is great, i've seen three of the dvds and i got my hair cut like Dio's. ^_^ yay for spreading our anime love! ♥
I'm waiting for the entire box set of dvd's to come out, because it's cheaper than getting all the individual dvd's! By the way, Excel Saga rocks!!

~Dee d.~
Have you seen X-1999?
I definitely have seen X, and I have the manga, X/1999, as well! I am a really big CLAMP fan!
XD Thank you, another! (Not many people watch the series around here, wah.) Is vol. 2 of Tokyo Babylon good?
I recently saw X, is there a difference between X and X/1999?
Well, the anime and the movie is usually called just X and the manga is titled X/1999. I say X anyway because it's easier to say than X slash nineteen ninety-nine. That's if you're talking about the names. There are different characters in the movie compared to the manga, and the movie skips a lot of good parts like the Battle Royale movie does to the novel. I can't recall if the same characters in the X tv series are in the manga... they might be. I also think that there are also differences between events, such as flashbacks, in the manga are different from the series. For example, I remember a story about Yuzuriha Nekoi in the tv series where she was hiking as a little girl with a bunch of other little people (It's been a while since I saw it). I don't remember that being in the manga... but maybe I haven't read it yet. Is that enough difference??? ( ;

~Dee d.~
i only saw the movie X and it's among the not-so-great anime movies I have seen. >.< It's also among the first anime movies I have seen...I believe Akira was the first and Vampire Hunter D was the second. The other Vampire Hunter D was blah but eldest liked it better than the first. ..eldest isn't really an anime fan. he just watched some anime when i was little.